5 Ideas to Make Money In the Service Industry During the Pandemic

 There is no question the economy has taken a hard hit during the coronavirus pandemic, but that does not mean there are not opportunities to make money in the service industry during this time. Jobs from many sectors were hit hard, but none more than the service industry. Whether you lost your job, or you just want to make money during uncertain times, there are opportunities in the service industry.

Five service industry opportunities during the pandemic

  1. Temporary Delivery Service—many companies from Amazon to local restaurants, have seen skyrocketing demand for the delivery of goods. If you are not in a high-risk group, then working as a delivery person can be a great way to continue earning money during the pandemic. If you do not want to work for a company, you can start your own service by advertising with friends, family and neighbors your willingness to run errands or picking up things they need for a small fee.
  2. Tutoring—with a large portion of the school and college population no longer attending classes in person, there is a surge in demand for online tutoring. Many parents have to work full-time while their kids are forced to continue their education online. Many are willing to pay online tutors to help in the areas where their children are struggling. Some parents are paying online tutors to homeschool their children. If you enjoy working with young people or are passionate about a particular subject, then online tutoring may be for you. Numerous websites are hiring online tutors, and you can apply there or use your own contacts and social media to start your own private service. Tutoring is a great way to make money during the pandemic, and many satisfied clients might keep you on after school resumes.
  3. Virtual assistant—VA’s have been around for some time, but the industry is booming during the pandemic. A virtual assistant can work exclusively for one person or may have numerous clients at one time. There is almost no limit to the type of work a VA may encounter, from taking phone calls to helping manage an entire business enterprise from home. There are platforms designed to match clients with virtual assistants who have the skills the client needs. These platforms operate by taking either a one-time fee or a portion of the money you make as a VA. If you have plenty of contacts, you may be able to skip the platform and use a site like linked in to let contacts know you are accepting new clients.
  4. Childcare for essential workers–This is another service you only want to consider if you are not in any high-risk category for COVID-19. Many parents are struggling with child care arrangements for children while they work on the front lines of the pandemic. Check with your local government to make sure you comply with rules and regulations. Often, you do not have to be a licensed provider if you have a small number of children in your care. Make sure that you take all possible precautions for the health and safety of yourself and the children in your care.
  5. Start a lawn care service—With spring giving way to summer, this is the season for lawn mowing and landscaping services. You can perform this service with social distancing guidelines in place, so the risk is minimal. You can advertise on social media and through neighborhood apps, and accept payment via online apps live Venmo, Paypal, or Facebook Pay to protect yourself and your clients from any risk in exchanging cash or checks.

Making money during a pandemic

Technology has opened the door to many ideas for ways to make money from the relative safety of your own home. The gig economy made up of freelance workers was booming before the pandemic, but the coronavirus brought the concept into the mainstream. Working from home has a long history of being riddled with scammers, so be wary of any offers that seem too good to be true.

Never pay a fee for a job, as no reputable companies or platforms require you to pay a fee for a job. Some platforms do require that you make a minimal investment to be able to apply for jobs, but you can easily research them to make sure they are legitimate. Use a simple contract created between yourself and your client if working with private clients.